Tierra Nueva is an SQF Level III manufacturing facility  located in Miami, FL and has substantial branded and private label business across major national retail chains.  


Tierra Nueva has a 130 year heritage of producing fine chocolates and edible coffee products for consumers all over the world. An engineer and avid food history researcher, Mr. Flavio da Cruz Abaurre is the Creator of the modern Coffee Thins™ formulation and all the Cruz brand Chocolates along with the technology behind the process of all their products.

The Cruz Abaurre family belongs to a long line of cacao, coffee and chocolate “aficionados” who traveled from Portugal to Brazil in 1878 and started a coffee and cacao bean trading company. Tierra Nueva’s revolutionary new Coffee Thins™ is manufactured through a patented technology and conching process that converts 100% of the whole coffee bean into an edible ingredient that captures the authentic taste and caffeine delivery coffee lovers expect.